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Name:Ingrid Jakobsen
Birthdate:Nov 9
Location:Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Science geek, working mainly in bioinformatics and computational biology. If it's got DNA, I'll have a go at an evolutionary analysis. I've worked particularly with recombination and gene conversion, and am generally interested in when evolution at the DNA level doesn't have nice tree-like behaviour and/or doesn't match organismal evolution, particularly multigene family evolution.

Currently, I'm very busy with some important experimental biology: I recently gave birth.

Interests (118):

academia, analysis, anthropology, artificial selection, atheism, australia, becoming human, beta-propeller folds, bioinformatics, biology, birth choices, bonobos, books, botany, branching, categories that aren't, cats, chimpanzees, chocolate, classification, cognition, combinatorics, computational biology, consciousness, creativity, dark chocolate, data mining, databases, debunking evolutionary psychology, deconstruction, discovery, distributions, diversity, ecology, education, equality, evo-devo, evolution, firefly, galaxy quest, gardening, geek theory, geekiness, gender, gene conversion, gene insertions, genetic drift, genetics, gorillas, great apes, greek key folds, group theory, histocompatibility, history, immunology, indels, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, knitting, learning, logic, mathematics, maths, meta, multi-gene families, natural selection, nature, networks, neurodiversity, neuroscience, non-human great apes, not being perl, olfaction, over-analysing everything, pattern, photosynthesis, plant evo-devo, plant geometry, plants, politically correct isn't pejorative, practical philosophy, protein architecture, protein folding, pseudogenes that aren't, psychology, python, quantum capture, questions, reason, recombination, reproductive freedom, research, respect, scholarship, science, scientific programming, selection, self-domestication, sewing, sexual selection, skeletal dysplasias, social primates, statistics, substitutions, synthesis, teaching, tenors, textiles, topology, tree topology, trees, undecidability, variation, walking, weird stuff, what makes people tick, wildlife, women in science
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